Ribbon JS

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Ribbon Bar. State-of-the-art UI. By Martin Ivanov.


Stepping away from jQuery? Try VueRibbon, built on top of Vue and ES6.

Get Ribbon JS

Download the latest version of Ribbon JS. Check the release notes here.

The trial version of Ribbon JS is fully functional, but displays a trial message at the bottom of each ribbon and ribbons are being disabled randomly upon initialization. If ribbon appears disabled, reload the page and try again. The free distribution is only for consideration and testing purposes and using it on a production server is illegal. If you wish to use Ribbon JS in a live environment without any trial messages or limitations, purchasing of a license is required.

Widgets, Skins and Plugins for Ribbon JS

Ribbon JS runtime is not included in the distributions of the widgets, skins and plugins, so you need to download it separately and include it to your project.

HTML5 WebComponent wrapper for Ribbon JS